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How To Become A Sponsor

1. Select the "Monthly Donation" option below

2. Select or customize your monthly amount

3. Fill in your information and card number

4. You are now a sponsor of Piñán's first- ever secondary students!

Note: Zeffy will ask you to make a donation to their site. Select 0% to not pay additional costs.

About Our Student Sponsorship Program

Six determined students from Piñán, all aspire to complete their university studies and seek meaningful employment that will help their community and families. They will be the first from Piñán to ever achieve this goal! Veronica is beginning the second year of a three year program, and Erick and Dennis have just begun five year programs. Heylin, Dayana and Alely are all in their final year of Practical Nursing. We are committed to helping these students to complete their programs and return home to be leaders in their community.

You'll Help A Student To Cover Essential Needs

Your support will directly cover their essential needs: Housing, Food, Transportation, and School supplies and fees. While university tuition is free in Ecuador, the reality of poverty in Piñán creates significant challenges for these students to cover these costs on their own and continue studying.

What Impact Will Your Help Make?

Piñán is a remote, Indigenous community. The discrimination faced by rural indigenous people in Ecuador make finding secure and dignified work a challenge, forcing many from this village to leave in search of better opportunities.

By addressing these three expenses, we provide these students with the only chance they have to complete their studies, potentially breaking through the cycle of extreme poverty. Empowering them with education not only transforms their lives but has a lasting effect on their families and the entire village.

By sponsoring these students, you provide more than financial aid – you empower them to earn degrees that can uplift their families and community. Help us make education a catalyst for change.

Every contribution matters. Together your ongoing donations will change the lives of three students and those who they will support. Your monthly support, small or large will turn their dreams into a reality.

Thank You!

From the students and families of Piñán and the Community Ascent Network.

Your contribution provides a life-changing opportunity!

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