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Right now your donation will help in so many ways.

Our organization is focused on creating opportunities for the students of Piñán. 

Your donations have made it possible to build a high school for Piñán and set up the networks and infrastructure to keep classes running in their remote community.

With your help boys and girls in the community this year will be able to graduate, begin university studies and start planning the career paths that will make them leaders in their community. 

Make a one-time contribution here.



Donations can also be made securely by e-transfer to

Sponsor a student with a monthly donation

  • Sponsor Studies

    Every month
    • Sponsor the school supplies that a student will need
    • for their university studies. This will help a student
    • and family to cover these essential costs.
  • Sponsor a Student

    Every month
    • Help a student to go to university by sharing the costs of
    • their essential living expenses. You'll be be helping
    • a family to make the payments of room and board.
  • Sponsor Leadership

    Every month
    • Help to send multiple years of students from Piñán
    • to university and to develop the careers that will make them
    • become leaders in their community!

monthly payments will continue until cancelled manually from this page.

Donate: PaidPlans
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